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 Wednesday, January 21, 2009

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PostSubject: Wednesday, January 21, 2009   Thu Jan 22, 2009 11:19 pm

At the diner, Katherine planned to get back her ring so she could prove her identity. Amber offered to do it for her and Kay gave her the address. After, Amber and Daniel went to the pawn shop and showed the owner the ring Kay was wearing on the memoir cover. He said he'd never seen the woman before, but Amber accused him of lying because he didn't pay Kay what the ring was worth. The owner kicked him out, but Amber was determined to get her hands on it. Meanwhile, the owner called a contact and asked the person if he'd gotten rid of the ring.

At Restless Style, Nikki sensed the tension between Nick and Phyllis. She asked Nick if everything was okay. "We're gonna have to get back to you on that," he replied. After, Phyllis and Nick were cold toward each other as they discussed a photo shoot.

At Crimson Lights, Lily and Colleen discussed attending the "Men we Love" party. Lily confessed that she still has reservations about Billy being a player and noted that he and Chloe seem to have chemistry. Meanwhile, Billy told Chloe that Lily had been asking him if he and Chloe had a past. Chloe assured Billy that they had nothing to tie them to each other and he could "waste" his life on Lily, if he wanted. After, Billy invited Lily to join him for a party in Chicago. Lily reminded him that she wanted to take things slow.

At the GCAC bar, Sharon was appalled to catch Jack flirting with Crystal, a hooker. Jack explained that he'd hired the woman to keep the forger busy while Adam went through Frank's place searching for evidence against them. Sharon didn't know what to believe and was sick of hearing his lies. Jack apologized for hurting Sharon and said he wanted her in his life. "Too damn bad," she snapped and stormed off.

At the coffeehouse, a melancholy Brad thought about Sharon being angry with him about teaming up with Phyllis. Colleen joined her father at his table so they could catch up for a moment. He invited her to join him at Indigo. After, Brad tried to apologize to her, but she asked him to give her her space.

At Indigo, J.T., Victoria, Lily, Cane, Billy, Chloe, Nikki, Phyllis, Paul and Jack were all at the Restless Style party. Jack flirted with actress Shiva Rose, who it turned out, knew both Billy and Chloe from New York.... Lily asked Cane if he suspected that Billy and Chloe knew each other from before. He angrily replied that Billy just likes to flirt and probably wanted to steal Chloe from him.... Things continued to be strained between Nick and Phyllis. They put on a happy front as they chatted with a client, but then fought over the way Nick was handling the advertisers.... Victoria admired the "Men We Love" picture of J.T., which was a shirtless photo of him cradling their son. J.T. blushed upon seeing himself.... Lily was curious when Billy and Chloe perked up at hearing that Shiva was there. Shiva came over to say warm hellos to both of them. Billy and Chloe introduced Lily and Cane. After, Lily asked if Chloe and Shiva worked together. Chloe babbled about how Shiva has a shaky memory of things. Chloe prevented Shiva from chatting to Cane, then informed her friend that Cane doesn't know about her history with Billy. Shiva promised to keep quiet.... Nick admitted to Victoria that things were pretty bad between him and Phyllis. Vicky noted that he knew what Phyllis was like when he married her. Nick stated that he loves his wife; Victoria urged her to find Phyllis and make things right.... Lily asked Shiva how she knew Billy, but Billy dragged her away before Shiva had a chance to explain. Billy implored Shiva not to say anything to Lily about him once being with Chloe. Shiva couldn't quite understand why he and Chloe were making such a big deal when they both had new people in their lives. Later, Billy lifted Lily up and joked about how he was sweeping her off her feet.

Amber, Daniel, Jana and Kevin went to the party and teased Daniel about his photo spread. Amber took Kevin aside and told him that she knows he paid Kay's bail. She apologized for calling him a killer. She asked for his help, but he wanted to hear her beg.... Daniel was confident that Amber could make everyone believe that Kay is well, Kay.... Paul questioned Kevin about Kay. Kevin was positive that the woman is indeed Katherine. After, Paul lied to Nikki when she asked what he'd been discussing with Kevin. When she stepped away, he called Michael and said he was going to go back on the Katherine/Marge case.... In Murphy's trailer, he again called Kay "Marge," then apologized for the slip-up. He promised to help her prove she's Katherine. Kay noted that being Marge wasn't so bad. "I like coming home now... to you," Murphy smiled, leaning in close. Outside Clint lurked.

Sharon went to the magazine to pick up a book for Noah. Phyllis stopped by and was annoyed to see Sharon there. "Keep your lips away from my husband's face," Phyllis snarled. "Nick is all yours," Sharon told her. Phyllis warned that she'd do anything to protect her marriage. "How can you be in love with Nick and have no idea what really matters to him?" Sharon replied. "I'm just really tired of your games, Phyllis." Phyllis was appalled that Sharon was lecturing her about Nick. The ladies then argued over Nick returning to Newman Enterprises, with Phyllis believing he should devote his time to Restless Style and Sharon believing that Nick's thrilled to be working with Victor again. Sharon again insisted that she's not a threat to their marriage, but the more she protested, the more upset Phyllis became. Later, when Phyllis returned to the party, Nick publicly complimented Phyllis for making the magazine look so good.... Sharon went to the party at Indigo and asked Jack if she could go to the Abbott cabin to think. He agreed to let her stay there.... Phyllis and Nick returned to Restless Style after the party. There, they began to kiss passionately.

Thursday, January 22, 2009
At Newman Enterprises, J.T. tried to help Brad log onto the company's board member Web site. Victor informed Brad that he'd blocked Brad's access and wanted him out of the company. Brad wasn't planning to leave so easily. After, Victoria blamed herself for bringing Brad into the business.

Nikki was thrilled that the "Men We Love" issue of Restless Style was the highest-selling issue to date. She informed Paul that the next issue was going to be a tribute to Katherine. After, Paul asked Kevin and Daniel at Crimson Lights if they had more information on the woman claiming to be Kay. He explained that he wanted to get to the truth. They told him that Kay has been staying with a man named Murphy. Paul didn't want Nikki to catch on to the fact that he was investigating the Kay case, so he pretended to be discussing something else.... Amber stopped by Murphy's trailer to see Kay. She was surprised that Kay would stay in such quarters, but Kay said that she loved it there. Kay again lamented not being able to recall her life; Amber urged her to see a doctor. Kay replied that she did and the doctor just found a bump on her head. Murphy clarified that the doctor told her to see a specialist. Kay admitted that she was frightened about seeing one. Murphy went and made an appointment for her, but Kay still refused to do it. Amber promised to be there for her if she got bad news from the doctor. "You're such a good girl," said a touched Kay. "You really don't remember," cracked Amber. As Kay went to get ready, Amber called Daniel and filled him in on what was going on with Kay. Daniel, in turn, gave the news to Kevin about Kay seeing a doctor. Daniel asked if Kevin would help them with the Kay situation, but Kevin was still insulted about Amber thinking he was a murderer. Daniel urged him to put his feelings aside, for Kay's sake.

Brad enjoyed a father/daughter lunch with Abby and Colleen. He suggested that the three of them go on a vacation. When Abby started going on about the horse Victor bought her, Brad reminded her that he'll give Abby anything she needs.... Victor surprised Ashley when he arrived for Abby's parent-teacher conference.... Brad was taken aback when Abby told him about the conference and prepared to attend... At the school, Abby's principal was surprised when Victor introduced himself as Abby's father.

At the GCAC, Colleen and Abby admired photos of J.T. from the "Men We Love" issue. Abby declared J.T. hot and thought it was "tragic" that things hadn't worked out with him and Colleen. Just then, J.T. and Victoria entered the restaurant. Colleen jokingly asked him for his autograph and warned him that Abby has a crush on him.... Nikki arrived and gushed about the issue. Victoria was happy to see her mom smiling. They then agreed that they were bothered by Victor's "insta-family" with Ashley and Abby. Nikki didn't think he and Ashley would last.

Ashley and Victor got down to business, discussing Abby's academic record with the principal. Brad soon arrived and insisted on joining them. After they finished the meeting, Brad told off Victor right in the principal's office. Ash pleaded with Victor to understand that Brad is also Abby's father. Later, Brad returned to his daughters at the GCAC. Brad wanted them both to move back home, but neither was thrilled with the idea. Abby said that she loved the Newman ranch, while Colleen liked having her freedom. When Ash came to pick up Abby, she told Brad that she's not going to stand by and watch him and Victor fight over her daughter. After, Brad made a call, explaining that he wanted to file for full custody of Abby.... Victor requested that J.T. find something about Brad that would be grounds for his dismissal. Privately, J.T. reminded Victoria that Brad stole Newman trade secrets for Jabot, but she noted that they'd signed a contract saying they wouldn't use that evidence against him.

Murphy and Amber helped Kay get ready for the doctor's appointment. Meanwhile, Paul lurked outside the trailer and peered in, watching them. He flashed back to how upset Nikki had been when he'd brought up the idea of investigating Kay to see if she really was an imposter. Paul ignored his reservations and knocked on Murphy's door, explaining he was from the census bureau. Murphy explained that it was his home but he'd had a friend living them since November. Paul had him sign some forms then said he'd like to interview Murphy's friend when he returned.... Meanwhile, the doctor questioned "Marge" about her condition. She admitted that she's been forgetting names and faces. The doctor was concerned and wanted to run some tests on her — but Kay realized she didn't have insurance. Amber offered to cover the costs. She wanted to return all of the money Kay had left her, but Kay told her to keep it for now. Later, the doctor explained that he was checking for several things that would affect her memory — including signs of Alzheimer's Disease. Amber tried to be optimistic and not worry about that yet.... Paul joined Nikki at the GCAC and told her about his visit to Murphy. Paul believed that Murphy was a stand-up guy, but Nikki disagreed. Paul then said that he wants to talk to the woman saying she's Kay — and wanted Nikki to come with him. Nikki absolutely refused to believe that Kay was alive. "Don't you want to find out for sure?" he asked. Nikki reluctantly agreed to do it for Paul.
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009
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