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 Friday, January 23, 2009

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Jack paid Gloria a visit in jail and presented her with a civil suit for tainting the moisturizer. Jack told her that the suit would "go away" if she gave him her Jabot stock. Gloria refused. Later, Glo watched a news report where Andrew Gibson proposed that she get the death penalty for allegedly killing his wife with the face cream. Later, Jill asked Gloria for the stock, but again, Gloria said no. Jeffrey then showed up for — you guessed it — the stock. Jill doubted that he could talk Gloria into a sale, but he was confident. Gloria told Jeff that she didn't trust him. Later, Gloria sat and pondered who she should sell the stock to.

With Murphy's encouragement, Katherine vowed to reclaim her old life back.

Kevin, Jana, Amber and Daniel plotted to break into the pawn shop so they could get Kay's ring back. They discussed various methods, including using glass cutters and pick locks. After, Amber questioned Jill about "Marge." Jill was certain that it was Marge who was now pretending to be Kay. Amber thought Jill was wrong. Later, the four donned black outfits and planned to execute their break-in. Kevin cut the alarm system to the shop and Amber was prepared to crawl through a window. Suddenly, the gang heard a dog growl.

Nikki ran into Victor and expressed sympathies to him for having to watch Adam being taken to jail. However, Victor was cold toward her. "You are no longer the center of my universe," Nikki assured her ex. Still, Nikki warned him that he and Ashley were rushing into things by becoming a family so quickly.

Heather and Paul met up and discussed the Kay case and Adam. Paul was surprised when Heather suddenly thanked him for always looking out for her.... After her doctor's visit, Murphy took care of Katherine. He told her about the "census worker" (who was really Paul) stopping by. Later, Paul and Nikki stopped by and Paul explained who he really is. Kay told them that she keeps having memory flashes, but nothing is making sense to her yet. "I know that I am Katherine Chancellor," she stated. "I feel that I know you, too," she told Nikki. "Would you please help me?" Nikki still didn't want to believe that she was Kay. Kay then told her that when Murphy found her she was wearing Kay's ring — and had pawned it. Nikki thought that the only reason the woman knew anything about Katherine was because she'd read Kay's memoir. After, Nikki explained to Paul that she's so against believing the woman is Kay because after everything she went through with David, she vowed to never be conned again. Paul, on the other hand, did think that Kay is who she said she is.

Heather stopped by Victor's office at Newman Enterprises and told him that the Mexican authorities have stopped investigating Walter's death. However, Heather still believed that he was guilty.

At Restless Style, Nick was impressed with the latest sales figures, all due to Phyllis's efforts. Nick then expressed concern when he couldn't get in touch with Sharon at the Abbott cabin. The topic made Phyllis uncomfortable. Meanwhile, at the cabin, Sharon flashed back to moments in her relationships with Jack, Nick and Brad. Phyllis called Brad and told him to meet her at a particular bar. Phyllis informed Brad that Sharon was alone at the cabin. Unbeknownst to her, Brad rigged his cell phone so Nick could listen in.... Noah was concerned about his mother's sudden departure. Nick told Noah that Sharon's sabbatical had nothing to do with the boy. Later, Noah and Jack met up at Crimson Lights. Jack promised Noah that even though he and Sharon were splitting up, he'd always love Noah like a son. Jack was then served with divorce papers.... Phyllis was shocked when Nick met her at the bar.

Gloria was shocked when Victor came to see her at the prison. "Hello, Gloria," he stated. "I have an offer... that you can't refuse."
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Friday, January 23, 2009
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