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 Monday, January 19, 2009

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PostSubject: Monday, January 19, 2009   Tue Jan 20, 2009 3:05 pm

A dreamy-eyed Esther floated downstairs to the Chancellor living room. Jill wondered why Esther was "glowing." Soon, Roger joined Esther downstairs and Jill quickly realized that that was why! She was surprised to learn that Roger was the accountant whom Cane had hired for Chancellor Industries. After he left, Jill reminded Esther about Esther's previous poor choices in men. Meanwhile, Roger met up with Clint to discuss their plan to turn "Marge" into Katherine once again. Later, Roger invited Esther out to lunch for a particular cuisine. When he came to pick her up, a suspicious Jill caught him sniffing around the expensive items in the home — and fired him. Esther was appalled, but assured Roger that it's okay because she's "loaded." Uh-oh.

At the jail, Adam left several frantic messages for Victor, informing his dad that he was about to be transferred to the state prison, along with the murderers and other dangerous types. He begged Victor to get him out of this. Meanwhile, Victor and Ashley dined at the GCAC. When Vic got a call from Adam, Ashley encouraged him to be there for his son. After, Victor went to see Adam, who again begged his father to help him get out of jail. Instead, Victor watched as Adam was dragged off, screaming, in handcuffs. Victor admitted to Ashley later that it was tough seeing his son taken away like that, but he felt Adam got what he deserved.... Jack told Ashley that he and Sharon were getting a divorce. He then suggested that he take over Jabot since Ash is living with Victor. Ashley was livid and reminded Jack that he didn't exactly have a great reputation — and assured him that she could separate business from her personal life..... At Crimson Lights, Brad was angry when Abby told him that she's now calling both him and Victor "Dad." He confronted Ashley about it, but she reminded him that Victor is Abby's father, too. Brad disagreed and called Newman a "sperm donor."... Victor got a drink as he thought about the day Adam was born. Who should join him at the bar, but Jack? "You'd better start looking over your shoulder," Victor warned. Later, a drunken Jack poured out his life's woes to an attractive female at the bar.

Neil, Karen and Tyra hung out with Ana at Indigo, where they chatted about Martin Luther King and the fact that Obama is being sworn in as President. After, Karen met up with Rafe and asked how they could make Ana a permanent part of their family. Rafe thought this was a good idea, noting that if she and Neil adopted her, it would prevent Yolanda from being able to take her away. Later, Neil and Tyra discussed the Yolanda situation and Neil and Karen's idea to adopt Ana. Tyra freaked out until Neil reminded her that they were trying to help her out with Ana. A grateful Tyra then kissed Neil right on the lips! He didn't exactly give in to it, but he didn't exactly pull away, either. Tyra felt very embarrassed and decided that she needed to just leave town. She ran out of the club with Neil pleading with her to return so they could talk about it.

Amber and Daniel went back to the diner to see Kay. Amber covered for her friend and went along with Kay's "Marge" ruse. After, they joined Kay and Murphy in one of the booths and Amber quizzed Kay about events in her life. Kay couldn't recall anything, including what she was wearing when Murphy found her. However, when she saw the ring that she had on in the photo of the memoir, she recalled that she'd had that very ring on — but had pawned it. Daniel and Amber believed that if she found the ring, it could help her prove her identity.
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Monday, January 19, 2009
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